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Wall Runner - Red


Remote control car that drives up walls and across ceilings!! The car functions like any other RC vehicle on a smooth flat surface, but switch it to wall climbing mode and it will effortlessly drive on vertical and even inverted surfaces. 'Wall mode' activates the suction mechanism on the underside that keeps the car held tight to flat surfaces, allowing it to roll up and down as well as manoeuvre around surfaces that would normally be too steep to drive on. Charges via connector on the remote controller. Comes in red.
  • Wall climbing RC car
  • Drives on vertical and inverted surfaces
  • Features underside suction mechanism
  • Full function control
  • Wall and ground modes
  • Frequency switch
  • Car charged from remote
  • Distinctive red design
  • Requires 6 x AA batteries
  • Car 13.5cm long