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Sylvanian Families - Party Series Blind Bags

Sylvanian Families


The Series has 9 collectibles with each bag containing a baby figure and a party accessory. What will you find inside the bag? You wont know until you open it! There are 9 types, including 1 secret figure.

What will you find inside your blind bag? 

In Series 4: 

1) Persian Cat Baby with Cake and Plate

2) Toy Poodle Baby with Piano

3) Milk Rabbit Baby with Tricorne and Bell

4) Maple Cat Baby with Bouquet

5) Alpaca Baby with Jack-in-the-Box

6) Hamster Baby with Balloon

7) Bear baby with Hoopla

8) Grey Cat Bay with Bowling Set

9) Secret figure and accessory  (Shhhhh!)